Stainless Steel Flue Pipe 0.6mm - 316 - 125mm - 400mm Length With DoorMad mini spinner chimney cowl - Silver - Strap fixing
Clay Chimney Liner Adaptor 150mm to 150mm
Clay Chimney Liner Adaptor 150mm to 150mm
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Clay chimney liner adaptors are used for making the connection between a stove or other appliance to clay, concrete or pumice chimney liners.

This product ensures all soot, creosote and other deposits remain within the chimney and flue pipe and can’t leak from a joint in the way they would if the flue pipe is simply sealed into the flue liner.

Installation (please see dimensions tab)

1. Part B should be slid fully up inside the masonary flue.  High temperature silicone or fire cement can then be used to seal the area D fully under the masonary flue.

2.     2. Part H (which can be shortened if necessary) must be sealed into the flue or stove pipe using fire cement or high temperature silicone.

The clay liner adaptor is available in the most common sizes but can be quoted for on a bespoke basis if required.

The straps which stick out horizontally from the sides of the top bowl can be drilled and screwed beneath the masonary if required, or alternatively cut off if they aren’t needed and will be in the way.