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Main Categories

  • Flexible Chimney Liner

    Class 1 chimney liners are used for wood and coal burning stoves, open fireplaces and gas or oil appliances generally where the flue gas temperature is likely to exceed 250ºC.
    Class 2 flexible chimney liners should only be used where the appliance manufacturer has stated that this type of chimney liner is suitable, this is usually where the flue gas temperature is unlikely to exceed 250ºC.

  • Chimney Cowls And Caps

    Chimney cowls for various applications such as simply keeping out the rain and birds to helping avoid downdraughts and other problems in chimneys. Plus revolving chimney cowls for situations where statis anti downdraught cowls can't solve a problem. Hotline Chimneys keep a vast range of chimneys cowls in stock. 

  • Chimney Sweeping

    A range of chimney sweeping equipments such as chimneys rods, chimney brushes and ancillaries. In fact all that is needed for maintenance of flues and chimneys. 

  • Flue Systems


    Flue systems (often referred to as prefabricated chimney or twin wall flue) give the ability to install fireplaces and appliances such as woodburners, stoves, Agas and Rayburns without a traditional masonary chimney. 

  • Stove And Flue Pipes

    Hotline Chimneys keep large stocks of flue and stove pipes in vitreous enamel and stainless steel for making connections from wood burning stoves, cookers and heaters to chimneys, flexible liners and flue systems. Suitable for all fuel types. Our single skin stainless steel flue pipes can also be used as a chimney lining within a masonary chimney.

  • Chimney Ancillaries

    Hotline Chimneys keep a multitude of products for all kinds of applications, such as fire cement, stove rope,  stove paint, chimney logs and firelighters. Also in this section you will find soot doors for building into masonary chimneys, sump adaptors for converting masonary chimney liner to stove pipe and products such as heatproof screed and heat resistant plaster.